Based on the scientific research force and international influence of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University and ARC Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology,International Institute for Innovation of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology abides by the principle of expanding international academic collaboration and exchange of ideas and pursuing high-quality scientific achievements to serve the development of local industries and regional economy. Through combining with Jiangxi’s characteristic industries, the International Institute for Innovation is recognized as a platform to gather innovative forces, realize the intersection and integration of resources, energy, environment, materials and other disciplines, and promotes the traditional industrial revolution. It strives to be an internationally important leader in research and development of resources, energy, environment and materials industries, an aggregator of innovative ecological elements such as resources, industries, platforms, talents and policies in the industries of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, as well as a provider of new energy, new materials and new technologies for resources efficient utilization and environmental governance.Meanwhile, the International Insititute for Innovation aims to be built as a source of innovation, a cradle of technology, an engine of industries and a highland of talents, and further develops into a national R&D and innovation demonstration base, an incubator of innovative new energy and new materials industries and a world-class R&D institution of new energy and new materials industries.

Development Targets

To meet the major national needs, the International Institute for Innovation will establish systems and mechanisms for collaborative innovation so as to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements by aiming at the globally cutting-edge science and technology and focusing on the innovation chains of industrial chain configuration for non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal.

1. Basic research and application development in the fields of new energy, new materials, efficient utilization of resources and environmental governance will be carried out. Through goal-oriented original innovation, key and core technology innovation and engineering innovation, new solutions will be offered for the sustainable development of the country and the social economy.

2. The new cooperation model will be made via synergy created through the joint efforts of government, enterprises, universities, research institutes and users, and gives emphasis to the cultivation of high-end talents. It highlights the close integration of scientific and technological innovation and practical application of technology, focuses on technology integration and matching, improves the transformation of achievements and large-scale industrialization as well as bridges gap between scientific research and practical application.

3. In the service of regional development, the International Institute for Innovation also serves various enterprises to improve the technical capacity and industrial structure transformation and upgrading so as to achieve the localization of talents, equipment, projects and markets, form stable enterprise cooperative groups and realize sound operation in sustainable development, which will make contributions to social and economic development both locally and nationally.

R&D Directions

To address the problems of resources, energy, environment and materials relevant to traditional and advantageous industries in Jiangxi, technological breakthroughs will be made in R&D advantageous fields through the joint efforts between China and Australia.

1. Taking the internationally original preparation technology of hydrogen energy as the core, the updating of technological innovation in the industrial chain of non-ferrous and ferrous metals will be accelerated through technical innovation and transformation of traditional metal smelting, processing and recycling processes.

2. The resource and environmental problems in the production process of the traditional metal industry would be solved by means of energy revolution in order to guide the green revolution in traditional industries and create a demonstration industrial chain of environmentally friendly metals with sustainable development.

3. The internationally leading computing simulation science will be utilized to optimize the traditional industrial processes and speed up industrial intelligence in order to realize energy saving, emission reduction and efficiency enhancement of traditional industrial chains.

4. The emerging particle science and technology will be employed in supporting core technologies of new energy and new materials and building a distinctive industrial highland of new energy and new materials.

Research Group

The International Institute for Innovation currently has 38 researchers, including 2 academicians, 7 members of the National Outstanding Youth Program, 5 Distinguished Professors of the Changjiang Scholar, 4 members of the National Ten Thousand People Program, 15 members of the Thousand Youth Talents Program, the Changjiang Scholars Program for Distinguished Young Scholars,the Outstanding Youth Science Foundation and the Ten Thousand People Program for Top Youth Talents as well as over 100 doctoral and postgraduate students.

Academic Committee

Management Team


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