The International Research Institute for Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JXUST), which was founded in July 2018, is a scientific research platform organized and led by Aibing Yu, who is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and a foreign fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, consisting of world-class research team, excellent overseas researchers and experts from JXUST. The international research platform focuses on the scientific research of minerals, metallurgy and materials fields, and will be aiming to establish a national key laboratory from the current provincial level facility.

The international research institute is made up of both Chinese and Australian research academics and their respective teams, focusing on cutting edge scientific problems, and abiding by the principle of expanding international academic collaboration and exchange of ideas, enhancing academic influence of JXUST at the international level, as well as pursuing high-quality scientific achievements to serve the development of local industries and regional economy. Through the flexible and efficient introduction of scientific talents and international postgraduate training programs, it aims to provide a scientific research and academic platform for high-level scientific and technological innovation, talent aggregation and postgraduate training. In addition, the international research institute’s partnership with various Top 100 universities (Monash University, University of Queensland and University of New South Wales etc.) ensures long-term and stable academic collaboration to undertake international research projects, and promote international collaboration among the universities in order to produce significant scientific research achievements with high impacts globally and promoting growth of regional economy, so as to improve JXUST’s international presence and fulfilling its obligation in improving the regional economy.

As for its organizational structure, it comprises of six joint research centers, including the Joint Research Center for Process Simulation and Intelligence of Metallurgical and Chemical Industries, the Joint Research Center for Functional Nanomaterials, the Joint Research Center for “Green Smelting” of Non-ferrous Metalthe Joint Research Center for Mineral Processing etc. Each joint research center is led by top academics/researchers in their respective fields. Through collaboration with senior researchers in JXUST and integration of relevant domestic and international quality resources, the international research institute endeavors to promote academic exchange and collaboration, guides, encourages and supports the outstanding teams in JXUS applying for various collaborative projects with internationally influential scientific research teams through these joint research centers to achieve influential scientific advancements and outputs, such as high-level academic papers, patents, technologies and so on.


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